Even a tiny roof leak may result in serious damage to the structure, in addition to wasting considerable amounts of water of your home’s. What’s more, it can result in mold growth, which is hazardous to your families well-being.

Signs you have a leak

Sight or the sound of dripping water is an apparent sign of a trouble spot. However, it could not be quite that easy to discover. Dubious hints add a ceiling, wall, or floor that has wet, stained, or discolored patches; bulges that are unexplained; or peeling paint. Alternatively, you may smell a musty odor in the area.

Check your Attic

Another step, when you have entry to the loft, would be to try going up there — armed with a flashlight if necessary — to have a good hard look. Chances are that the water spots can help you find where the water is penetrating the ceiling and will probably be even worse in the loft than on your ceiling. You may even spot evidence of mold.

Now it’s time to Check Out the Roof

Now that you have checked the attic, ask a partner to help while you take your garden hose on the roof. Have your partner stay in the attic and you climb on the roofing. Estimate in which you believe the roof leak could be coming from and spray that area with the hose. Continue with spraying various areas, one at a time until your partner finds the leak.

Assess Dormer Walls While You’re at It

A “roof leak” may really originate in a wall. Check any dormer walls for cracks or rot that might be enabling water in.

Determine the Cause

Now you have located the place, and are now able to plan a fix. The flow may be due to improper sealing around a structure atop your roof, like a chimney or dormer window. Roof vents are another common culprit; while plastic vents are subject to cracked casings, metal ones may develop breaks within their seams. Corroded flashing could even be at fault. Your problem might even be as straightforward as actual holes in the roofing, especially in an old home.

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