Does your Greer SC home need electrical services?

The electrical wires and circuitry are the blood of every home. People in the modern age cannot survive without electricity because it runs their appliances, computers, lighting, television and other devices. People receive their electricity through an electrical service provider that generates the electricity for them. The average single family home uses about 150 amps of electricity, while the larger homes bigger than 3000 square feet use about 400 amps. Back in the 1950s, the average single family home used only 30 amps of electricity. This should give you an idea of how evolved people are with their growing use of electronics.

With all of this demand for electricity in Greer SC, it creates more demand for the natural resources and fossil fuels that are used to generate it. That is why alternative electrical technology, like solar and wind power, is being experimented with as a “green” solution to power homes in the future. There are some homes that have customized power grids which provide them with this type of green energy. However, the current green technology is still lacking and cannot sustain the power demands that only coal power can provide. So until the green technology becomes more advanced to sustain the high demand for power, our dependency on fossil fuels will remain the same.

For now, the majority of people are stuck with coal power. All of the electrical lines you see attached to the utility poles are bringing electricity from the nearest power plant to all the buildings of the area. These electrical lines connect to the outside of people’s homes through their meter box. The lines from the meter box connect through the walls of your home and into its electric panel board, which is also known as the circuit breaker. This is the unit that lets you control which rooms in your home get electricity. There are switches that you can turn on and off through this circuit breaker in order to do this. This meter box is what keeps track of how much electricity you have used, which is what “amps” are. Your monthly bill will be determined by the number of amps.

Traditionally, power companies have meter readers that go out to houses and manually check the number of amps on the meter. But newer houses are now equipped with automatic meter readers, which means the power company can keep track of your amps without having to personally go out to your house.

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